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Neogeographer: Become One…Or Don’t…

As you search around for jobs related to GIS, you may run across the terms “Neogeographer,” “Neogeography,” or “Neogeo.”  Don’t be afraid of these terms. They grew out of the need to describe how people acquire knowledge or how they do their jobs relating to new ways of collecting, distributing, and viewing spatial data.

For those of you wondering what these terms mean or even if they apply to you, the best place to start is by first defining “Neogeography.” The definition is debatable, but in general Neogeography is associated with geospatial technology that developed outside of the classic GIS realms of institutional Geography departments and proprietary software applications. In other words, those with location-based data, time on their hands, and a knack for innovation set out to create something that would be interesting, fun, and accessible to many through the Internet or mobile devices. Google Earth, OpenStreetMap, Foursquare, Layar, could all be considered products of Neogeography. O’Reilly Media actually published an entire textbook in 2006 named Introduction to Neogeography, if you are interested in more details.

So is it good to be a neogeographer?…

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