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Passion of the GIS

Ask yourself: do you love GIS? Now ask: why do you love GIS? Why did you choose to study it in school? If you didn’t study GIS in school, why are you interested in it now? Would you incorporate GIS into your career or into your life even if it wasn’t your primary concern or even if you weren’t being paid to deal with it?

These questions should answer where your passion lies. I’ve seen too many people studying GIS or looking for a job involving GIS who simply have a look of apathy or hopelessness in their eyes. If you happen to receive a job interview, an interviewer will notice this. People can usually tell whether you’re excited about an opportunity or not. And I don’t mean “excited” because you’re desperate for a job but excited because you love what you do and you want them to know how much you love it. You should love talking about it. You should get giddy mentioning it…

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4 Responses to “Passion of the GIS”

  • FionaGIS says:

    Now I really want to go to an interview dressed as a GPS unit.

  • Jared says:

    So, I’m just starting to look into a career in GIS. I majored in environmental science in college and always loved using GIS in any project I could. I’m wondering whether I should get a certificate or go for a masters program (I was thinking of Boston U). What is the job market like for GIS professionals right now?

    Also, nice mobile site!

  • Todd,

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  • Mark Newby says:

    My interest in finding a way to communicate with federal land managers led
    to study and a degree. The degree led to web development. Web development and the GIS degree led to building a state website. It was that desire to communicate that was the most important step

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