Careers in GIS exists to help current and future geographic information systems (GIS) professionals with the best strategies for finding a job.  Many other web sites simply tell you where to find job postings.  These sites are often put together by human resources professionals who have never applied for a GIS position or been in a position to hire a GIS professional.  These sites do not tell you what the trends are in the industry with regards to software, hardware, programming languages, skills, degree programs, certificate programs, etc.  These sites do not tell you where to find jobs that often seem like urban myths.  Careers in GIS will give you the honest truth about what is current and what is possible.

Todd J. Schuble is the editor of Careers in GIS.  Todd has placed numerous former students and colleagues in positions related to GIS.  He has undergraduate and graduate degrees from in the fields of Applied/Urban Geography and GIS.  Todd is currently the Manager of GIS Research and Senior Lecturer at a private university in the midwestern United States.  Beyond research with notable scientists and research institutions on subjects ranging from business to agriculture to medicine, Todd spends time working with local government and corporations on how to maximize their potential through GIS.